Agnieszka is recognized as having a passion for beauty.  She brings a highly refined aesthetic sensibility to her makeup artistry.  Her strength is in revealing the inner grace, allure and charm of her clients through her highly individualized approach.  Each client is a special challenge for her.
 After graduating from New York’s prestigious Make Up Designory, Agnieszka has established her makeup practice in New York City.  She has worked extensively in fashion, television, advertising, documentary and feature-length film as well as makeup for special events.  Agnieszka’s makeup projects appear regularly in print media.  She has developed a reputation for a high level of professionalism and a positive attitude that has resulted in her developing a loyal following among her clients.
 Agnieszka’s philosophy:  “My objective with each client is to skillfully bring out their own individual charm, grace, elegance and allure.   What the client themselves have to say about their objectives and desires closely informs my technique. My approach takes very closely into account the context in which the makeup is required:  for example, makeup for digital media must be realized in a different way than makeup for runway.”